Pro Staff Agreement

As a growing small family owned business, we often receive numerous emails, phone calls, and social media messages asking us how someone can become a Pro Staff Team Member. In an attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions we have created this Pro Staff Agreement. 

What is a Pro Staff Team Member?

Pro Staff Team Members are hand selected representatives that reflect the values and vision of Old Skool Tackle Company, by the owners of Old Skool Tackle L.L.C.  These representatives are expected to provide content through various mediums to help effectively market our products.  This is not a paying position with the company, but is an incentive based position in which the Team Member is compensated with either discounted or free products.  We do not sponsor your fishing hobby or financially launch your professional angling career.  Team Members are expected to use and be passionate about the products that we market.  These positions exist for the sole purpose to promote our business.  We do not care about your self fulfilling desire to become famous, we do not care if you are already famous, we only care that you can effectively promote our business.

What a Pro Staff Team Member is not

A lot of casual anglers that aspire to be Pro Staff Team Members think that it is about promoting themselves.  They feel that having a company attached to them, that it gives them a sense of legitimacy that propels their ego.  We are not here to grow your social media following, you should have that prior to even inquiring about a Pro Staff Team Member position.  If you think its all about filming your fishing trips, showing a picture occasionally on your social media with our products or company tagged, and that fills the requirements to be Pro Staff, then please don't waste our time or yours.  You need to love our products so much that you are willing to spend your money and time talking to anyone that will listen to you about them.  Potential customers and current customers see right through disingenuous content.

What is expected of a Pro Staff Team Member?

Are you articulate enough to write polished content that is ready for printed materials or blogs? Do you have the ability to effectively create video and photographic content promoting our products?  Are you an accomplished enough angler to be able to provide content that not just talks about our product but explains why its effective?  Do you have the self awareness, verbal and social skills necessary to effectively communicate to retailers, customers, tournament officials, and media personalities?  Are you available to attend regional trade shows in your area to work alongside the Owners of Old Skool Tackle L.L.C. to promote our brand?  These are just a few of our expectations for Pro Staff Team Members, if you answered no to anyone of these questions, then you are not ready.

Rewards for being a Pro Staff Member

Rewards are based on the amount of work you do for us.  If you do the bare minimum to stay in our good graces you will receive bare minimum discounts.  If you overachieve and exceed our expectations then we will be more than generous with your rewards.  This is not about what you feel you deserve as much as it is about how well you perform.  


Minimum Qualifications

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Can effectively read, write, and verbally communicate
  • Existing customer of Old Skool Tackle L.L.C.
  • Have an established means of promoting our products
    • Youtube Channel
    • Social Media Pages
    • Website
    • Blog
    • Podcast
    • Traditional media such as print, television, or radio
  • 100% Independently finance your trips to create content

Rules of Conduct

1. Politics
Your politics are none of our business.  Our politics are none of your business.  We are not in business for your politics.  Any public endorsement or public statements in regards to politics while using the same platforms that you endorse our products is prohibited.  This is a big deal breaker and we have zero tolerance in regards to this rule.
2. Promotion of other brands
The promotion of other brands of products that are similar to ours is prohibited.  As an example, if we are marketing soft plastic baits and jigs, then you are expected to promote our brand in those markets and no other brands in the same market segment.  Promoting is not just limited to what you say.  If other brands are visible in the content you provide, you will not get credit for the submission and it will not be used.  If we notice it on your platforms, we will ask for it to be taken down.  Refusal to remove content will result in immediate dismissal from the Pro-Staff program.  
3. Be Truthful
Yes, the perception of anglers is that we all lie.  We like to embellish the size of our latest catch, we might skirt around being 100% truthful on where we caught our fish to protect our spots.  Those are unavoidable and not grievous acts of dishonesty.  But, if you went out on your latest trip and did not use our product, then don't promote our product using any images from that trip.  If people spot the little lies, they will assume everything you say is a lie.  We don't expect you to use our products exclusively, but we do expect that you will be honest in the content you provide us and your followers.
4. Positive Attitude
The challenges of the world are hard enough.  We don't need to complicate it anymore than necessary by dealing with negative attitudes.  Maintaining a positive and fun image is what our brand is all about.  Team Members are expected to exude positivity and fun in their content as well as interactions with other Team Members.  
5. Bring Ideas and Solutions 
Part of being Pro-Staff is providing ideas and solutions to help grow the business based on your skills and expertise.  You are the R&D field experts, your feedback is crucial to providing a high quality product to our customers.  We need problem solvers not problem creators!
6. Be a Good Human
This includes treating others with respect, being helpful when needed, be a steward for the environment, and an ambassador for the angling community.  You might not agree with someone but you should engage them with dignity and respect of the other person's point of view.  If confused refer to rule number 1.


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  • Rick Morris

    Congratulations. Obviously you have put a great deal of thought into this document. I sincerely hope that prospective Pro Staff members can and will uphold your expectations. Good luck In recruiting and selecting members. Just wish I qualified!!

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