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The man behind our logo. Melvin Vreeland (or known to me as Pop-Pop), was a life long outdoorsman and dedicated grandfather. I spent countless hours and countless days in this mans presence trying to learn everything he knew. He valued his time with his grandchildren as much as his time fishing. It was not uncommon for him to have grandchildren follow him around all summer long catching bait, or frequenting the local piers and other shoreline hotspots looking for flounder. His patience did have limitations if you wanted to fish with him, like baiting your own hook or rigging your own line. The lessons he taught me and the memories created is why I do this. If I can help people spend less time rigging and more time fishing with their children or grandchildren, then it’s my small way of paying his legacy forward.

How it Started

Old Skool Tackle Company started out innocently enough while on a fishing trip with a buddy of mine.  We were discussing tackle, rigs, and personal preferences.  After the day was done (and as with everything when two good buddies get together) the daily catch tally was calculated.  One clear winner was announced (which happened to be me), and an idea was born.  Why not start my own line of tackle using the generations of knowledge that was passed on to me by family and friends.  Over the years, I have made my own rigs and tackle and on occasion given some of them to other anglers. Other than a dream that I had when I was a teenager of combining my passion for the outdoors and my entrepreneurial spirit, I had never really put too much thought into it.

With over 20 years working in manufacturing and distribution, I finally have a broad range of skills to launch my own company.  That little boy in the picture above checking a crab trap is now ready to take the next leap of faith and share his passions with the rest of the world.  Combining proven designs from anglers that came generations before us and modern materials, we will be able to get back to the basics and truly fish Old Skool!

Bryan Dolph - Owner of Old Skool Tackle Company

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