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Freshwater Reports

August 11, 2020


In this blog, we are going to showcase some recent customer submitted pictures of our Predator baits producing in freshwater environments.  While our baits are specifically made for saltwater species, you can see just how versatile our baits are in freshwater.

Washington State Large Mouths

Our 3.5" Ripper Tails have been getting lots of love with the Large Mouth Bass out West!  Chartreuse Mullet Jig heads with White or Chartreuse Rippers have been getting it done!

Maryland Northern Snakeheads

Northern Snakeheads found in the waters of Maryland's Eastern Shore have been getting "Hammered" with our 3.75" Hammers, 4" Mullets, as well as our 3.5" Rippers.  White and Chartreuse seem to be the go to colors for anyone looking to chase this dragon!

We would love to showcase your catches on our site.  Have a pic you want to share with us?  You can reach out to us on Facebook at @oldskooltackleco or email us at  We look forward to hearing from you, until then, tight lines and please take a kid fishing!  

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