Choosing the Right Jig and Soft Bait

Matching Jigs and Baits

June 16, 2020

Today we will be discussing the various jigs and soft baits that we carry and how to properly choose each one depending on the situation.

Jig Heads

Here at Old Skool Tackle Company we carry several jig heads, each designed for a different purpose in mind.  All have their place in your tackle box, but each will perform differently.  

 Mullet Jigs

Our Mullet Jigs have a triple disc collar that holds any soft bait securely in place.  This versatile jig can be used for any bait up to 4" in length and presents itself well in the water.  Swimbaits and grubs are both great options for this jig.

Swim Bait Jigs

Our Swim Bait Jigs use a double barbed keeper that holds paddle tails securely in place.  This jig is matches perfectly to our Hammer paddle tails as well as our Rippers.  The weight distribution of this jig and the use of keel protection makes this an awesome jig for targeting species that prefer the bottom of the water column.

Skirted Shad Jigs

Shad Jigs have been around for years!  They are a proven design that has caught its fair share of fish.  Equipped with a traditional staggered barb this jig head will anchor both grubs and paddle tails effectively.  Add in the silicone skirt and this combination can be irresistible for various species.


Soft Plastic Baits

Our Predator Series line of Soft Plastic Baits gives anglers various options when it comes to paddle tails and grubs.  Our current lineup offers 3 different paddle tail designs and one grub that will match up extremely well to the jigs we make.


Available in 3.75" and 4.75" these paddle tails have an impressive record for catching fish.  The tail design and body profile of this bait creates a great thumping action that will move the tail effortlessly!  By far our most popular seller and personal favorite bait to throw!


Available in 3.5" these paddle tails offer great tail movement that provokes strike after strike.  With a great tapering from the head of the bait to the tail this bait presents well with various jig heads.  


When you want to match the profile of a bait fish the 4" mullet is a great option.  With a great design and smaller tail design, this bait really presents well.  Matches very well with the mullet jigs.


This is where soft baits started!  Twister tail grubs have caught endless amounts fish and every light tackle species imaginable.  Our 4" (5" with twist) grub provides great tail action making it an awesome trailer for our Skirted Jigs or primary bait on our Mullet Jigs.


 Knowing Your Size Options

With various jig head weights and overall length of baits, the possibilities are virtually endless when choosing a setup.  As anglers, you know depending on time of year, water clarity, currents, and structure, that the fish can be suspended anywhere in the water column.  Being versatile as a light tackle angler and having the right size soft plastics and jig heads can greatly increase your chance of hookups.  We offer the light tackle angler jig head options from 5/16 oz all the way to 3/4oz.  All of our soft plastic options pair up nicely with jig heads of that size with the exception of the 4.75" Hammers.  The larger profile on the 4.75" make this a good option for heavier jig sizes or trolling setups.  


Wow, this opens a whole can of worms and can spark debates for hours, days and years.  Each angler has their own go to colors for various reasons.  Knowing your local waters is important, as you will want to "match the hatch" as close as possible.  For those not familiar, "match the hatch" simply means presenting a bait as closely as possible to the most prevalent food source at that time.  Depending on where you are and what season you're in, that food source may change.  With various color options in both jig heads and soft plastics, I am sure you can find the combinations that work well for you.  

We hope this blog sheds some light on the various options we offer and how each one can be beneficial for you to have in your arsenal!  Tight Lines! #fisholdskool



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  • John Sikorski

    I just purchased a few of your items from Hitch&Sons today. Very interested in buying more from you. I live in Salisbury and wonder if I can purchase directly from you, instead of going down to Fruitland every time.
    Hope to try out your stuff on Sunday.

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